In the past eight years, lethal outbreaks of illnesses linked to lead poisoning have affected children, adults, livestock and birds in communities through northern Nigeria—a situation linked by investigators to lead produced as a byproduct of gold mining. Our Enactus Nigeria team sought to alleviate lead-related environmental hazards in Baggega—where more than 1,500 of 7,000 residents had died and crops and livestock worth more than $15,000 had been lost—by developing an affordable bio-filter to remove lead and other pollutants from underground water sources. Our team partnered with the National Research Institute for Chemical Technology, the Centre for Water and Environment Development and the Zamfara State Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Cooperatives to develop the filter and train community residents to produce and use it.

Impact(s): 750 people directly affected; 2,500 people indirectly affected; more than 3 businesses started; 2 tons of waste diverted; more than 127 job opportunities created; yearly cumulative of more than $4,759 generated in revenue.


  • Provide clean potable drinking water to Baggega community
  • Reduce heavy metal contamination of land and underground water
  • Combat food insecurity
  • Provide new and improved mining techniques and processes
  • Create job opportunities for beneficiaries


  • Men, women and youths in Baggega community, Anka Local Government Area, Zamfara State – Nigeria