Menstruation is a natural occurrence all adolescent girls and women experience irrespective of race, tribe, ethnicity or religion. But for Amina , and over 2,000 women, living below $1, at the internally displaced camp in New Kuchigoro, Abuja. Menstruation hygiene and sanitation has become a huge burden, considering that they can hardly even afford proper sanitary pads which go for $1.25. What these women who have lost their homes, lives and hopes due to the Boko-haram insurgency faced during menstruation is totally unbearable.


  • Improve community health and sanitation hygiene for Internally Displace Persons (IDPs) across the nation
  • Reduce gender inequality, discrimination and bias
  • Improve interpersonal and relationship skills between IDPs and other members of the state


  • Adolescent girls and women at Internally Displaced Camps