Project Payprint

A ford challenge winning project that seeks to digitalize the way people move in Nigeria. Payprint provide tech based solution to road transport and payment services in Nigeria using ride share. This projects seeks to reduce the number of vehicle on the road, cut time wasting in travelling and payment. Also reduce carbon footprint and various forms of other pollution. This project has now transformed into a bussiness registered under the coperate affairs commision as a company named CRUIZE9JA.
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Project SMS

This project was first initiated in 2016, called SMS which stands for (Shine My Shoe), this project involves converting of pure water sachets into shoe polish solving the indiscriminate littering in our environs with these materials which eventually leads to flooding. In the year 2019 the project was revisited and revised. And in 2021 the project was continued, the name changed to PUP meaning (plastic upcycled polish) more testing and research was done on the project and a standard formula was gotten, as well as a viable product with various positive reviews given on the product, the process of turning it into a business is currently in motion, the business is about to be launched as the first ever shoe polish produced in Nigeria.. This project has now transformed into a bussiness registered under the coperate affairs commision as a company named PUP Industries
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Food Support Program

Due to the rising increase in hunger in the year 2020 caused by the lockdown in Kaduna State, Enactus Ahmadu Bello University decided to take action to lead change. In the first phase of this project we were able to raech out to 20 families in zaria, and in the second phase of the program 100 families including widows, orphan and people with disabilities was reached.

Project Skills For Life

This was an impactful project carried out in samaru, Zaria, Kaduna state. This project was focused on empowering with skills that would be beneficial to them for the rest of their lives. A total number of 120 people where empowered with skills like tailoring, barbing, shoe making etc. they were also empowered with seed capital to start a business with the skills they have learnt..

Bagega Rising Project

This project was focused on tackling the effect of lead poisoning in a village called Bagega in Zamfara State. The project saw to fruition, the installation of an alternate farming system called aquaponics that was used to provide fresh food for these villagers. Also, a bio filter was installed that was effective in extracting lead from water there providing portable water for them.

Hope Rising Project

This project is an upgrade of the Bagega rising project. After the tremendous success and impact recorded at the Bagega rising project we went further to implement this project in 3 other communities.

Project Amina

This involved making reusable sanitary pad for women who cannot afford the disposable pad and use rags or dirty towels, this project improved the livelihood of less privileged women as they were able to make these pads for themselves saving up money that would have been used to buy disposable pads and also sell to other women. And also considering the act that disposable pads are not biodegradable and we provided and reusable and degradable replacement.